25 May 2008

The Idea of Progress is Moving!

You may or may not have noticed, but the Idea of Progress has a new look and a new home. The website has remained the same (although some of you might have old links-- if it's not May 25th or so and this is the most recent post, please visit theideaofprogress.com).

I have begun hosting my own interwebs, which means I get as many email addresses as I want, the ability to host videos (and not have them taken down by the Church of Scientology), and an inflated sense of self-importance.

I'm still learning Wordpress - expect the look of this thing to change over the next few weeks as I make the necessary adjustments. tIoP is not a super tech savvy fellow, so this may be rough going for a while.

What has the Idea of Progress learned since the blog began on Christmas Eve of 2006?

-McGone is the devil. That much should be obvious.

-People love bunnies.

-It just might be possible to talk about wine and not come off like a dick. Just maybe.

-The Forevertron is one weird sculpture.

And so farwell, Blogger. You have treated me well, and I've left you for a younger, more attractive platform. Think of me well.

22 May 2008

07 May 2008

tIoP has been Blog-Blocked

It is not as if the Idea of Progress has been posting with any of the frequency of the past, but a recent event has disrupted even this, the fragile regularity of tIoP's posts.

The Idea of Progress was framed.

Google was lead to believe that tIoP was a spam blog.

Google claims that this was the result of a false positive from their little helper robots, who apparently scour the blogosphere in search of crime, sort of like the Transformers, but without the whole transforming or crappy Michael Bay remakes.

tIoP could not access my account, tIoP could not post a lovely entry about common courtesy in movie theaters that he had been composing in his head all day.

The Idea of Progress doesn't buy that it was a random problem. tIoP knows that someone is trying to put an end to the blog that has not won the Nobel Peace Prize nor the Pulitzer (but did win Sexiest Man Alive), but has nonetheless changed the face of humanity as we now know it.

There is someone out there with his fingerprints all over this. And tIoP is unafraid to air out his suspicions-- this madman must be stopped for all that is good and pure in this world, for this soon to be named villain is a threat to our way of life and our very existence. We must draw a line in the sand!

We must rally against...McGone.

Yes, I've said it. I hold the International House of Blogcakes responsible for this. It has McGone's fingerprints all over it.

And I will have my vengeance.

02 May 2008

Master Criminal

The Idea of Progress likes money as much as the next internationally recognized blogging superstar. Money allows people of tIoP's rarified status to enjoy the finer things in life, such as private jets, champagne and the occasional dip in a swimming pool full of Jello. We all have different approaches to aquiring this type of wealth.

Some are born with it, some earn it though savvy trading of stocks. Some invest in hedge funds, others write novels or pop songs. But one man had a more innovative approach, and the Idea of Progress must salute him for his creativity and audacity.

Charlie Ray Fuller, a 21 year old Texas resident, apparently wanted to start a record company. So he did what any enterprising young mogul would do. He forged a check from his girlfriend's mother's bank account and attempted to pass it off at a Ft. Worth bank. But here's where he made a small mistake that got him caught-- He made out the check for $360 billion dollars.


That's more than the entire bank was worth.

But the Idea of Progress salutes his gumption, and his dreams of a better tomorrow.