27 December 2006


Lying in bed last night with X, I had a mild anxiety attack. What could have brought this on? I pointed out to her that I was sort of happy for the first time in a while. I had made money that night at work. We were going on vacation the next week. I could afford the vacation. I should be as mellow as yellow.

X told me that I'm the type of person that is never happy unless I'm a little unhappy. According to some goofy test we took (she likes these tests), I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. When there is nothing (or at least little) to worry about, perhaps I create my anxiety to assure myself that something could go wrong.

I dunno. Mebbe.

26 December 2006

A 4D Christmas

To add to the annuls of family lore: This Christmas, I recieved the same shirt twice. Now, here's what you're thinking...two people thought I'd like the same shirt, and both bought the same one. Nope. My mother bought both.

Was she embarassed. The same shirt, wrapped in two separate boxes. Funny.

Second event. Over at my sister's house. She is due to give birth by C-Section tomorrow. She has photos of her baby on her fridge, really fascinating ones taken by ultrasound, but of a clarity that I've never seen. She proudly announces that the photos were taken in 4D.

4D, I asked? The fourth dimension is time. The photos are taken in fourth dimensional space? We can see your baby when she's twelve, for instance?

That's what it said on the photos, she insisted.

24 December 2006

Wrapping Presents

I love to open presents, but wrapping them? I'm working on two nights of four hours of sleep (each night), and to be honest, even on a good day my wrapping skills are, shall we say, suspect. How does one wrap, for instance, a bottle, when all you have is wrapping paper, not tissue paper? And why only wrapping paper? Because I'm a man, and we have no idea how to do this stuff. That's why we have the women in our lives, to remind us how easily they can master such a simple skill, and how we can't get our brains around it.

I can't, at least.