12 January 2007

2007: Things I'd like to accomplish

In no particular order.

1. Have a great, attractive, funny, smart and wonderful girlfriend--DONE
2. Get my bedroom in order--Purchase an actual bed. Clean room.
3. Start doing yoga--probably next week(?)
4. Get the radio station in order--Station meeting tomorrow, get all our ducks in a row.
5. Continue eating healthy--ONGOING
6. Cook more, dine out less--ONGOING
7. Have health insurance--Waiting for infor from the insurance agent
8. Go to the dentist--Waiting on dental plan from work
9. Buy a truck
10. Buy a Macbook
11. Make more movies
12. Finish Atomic Man--Really. Maybe Monday?
13.Pay off debt--At least get on top of it

I'm going to get to work on it. Honest. Stay tuned.

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