06 February 2007

Another Sleepless night

I'm finally about ready to go to bed. I've been sitting here at this demon machine, slowly trading my soul for the possibility of another laugh, or another tear (generally more of the latter). My roommate has let the kitten out, and she's sitting in my lap, mewing and looking generally cute. It's 4:14, and I'm still awake.

I didn't do my radio show tonight. I need the keys to the studio, but Chris has them. I suppose that I could have uploaded some sort of show on to the server, but I just could get the effort up. At least I did something useful tonight: one load of laundry. After that, it was being bored at video games, being bored at the television, and being bored at the computer. I could have tried being bored at reading, but that didn't occur to me until it was too late.

Normally, if I have a night off, I tend to wander the city. Not so tongiht. Currently, the temperature is 0 degrees, but it feels like -10 (thanks, weather.com!). I'm not going anywhere in that.

At some point, I feel like I will find a voice for this blog, and turn it into compelling reading. Tonight isn't that time. Maybe tomorrow?

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