19 February 2007

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

So Atomic Man is finished. You can see a crappy low-resolution version in the post below, or you can go to YouTube and type in Atomic Man. Either way. Did it come out exactly the way I wanted it to? Nah. Am I happy with it? Mostly.

Hot on the heels of Atomic Man comes "The Most Dangerous Man in the World." Who is a woman. And she's really nice. We shot for about seven or eight hours today, and got the entire thing filmed. All two and a half minutes of it. The important thing is that it is done. I had assistance from the lovely Kate in securing talent, and the filming went pretty smoothly.

Really. The actors I worked with took things seriously, and if you could see what we were doing, you'd know that was a feat. It makes me want to make movies, if I can have the good fortune to work with talent like this.

The Most Dangerous Man Alive, and her buddy

Stay tuned. I'm editing tomorrow, and it should be finished in a few days.

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