06 March 2007

Warming up for the day

Earlier Mornings
One of the things I'd like to work on accomplishing in 2007 is to get my life in order. That seems like a gargantuan task, but really it is a matter of completing a number of smaller tasks. Earlier mornings for example. Many days I never seem to have time to get anything done. I get up, see if the world has blown up yet on the news, get showered, and head to work. As I work at night, that leaves my few hours of free time from the hours of midnight until 3am, which is ideal time for drinking, but not, say, doing your taxes or cleaning the kitchen.

If you are a morning person, or someone who works a normal 9 to 5 job, this may seem ridiculous, like I'm just a lazy sod who sleeps in every day. But imagine that you went to be at 11pm each night. Okay? Well, I'm still at work. If that was my bedtime, I'd be doing a bad job because I was so sleepy at the end of each shift.

Also, when you come home from work, do you immediately fall asleep? No, you have dinner, watch TV, do something to decompress. For us night people it's the same. Unfortunately, not a lot to do during those hours. I once again point you to the open bars, and now you can understand why people in the service industry drink so much.

So, I'm thinking 10:30am. I should be able to do that. It isn't too early, and it leaves me a couple of hours of mucking about before I need to get my day in order, hours in which I could be writing.

Scooter Libby Guilty
So he's guilty. We all knew that. Was he being used as a scapegoat by the administration? That's what he claimed, but then proceeded to put up such a lame and worthless defense that I've wondered if someone from the White House told him to shut up. They'll probably pardon him, and say that it was the right thing to do.

Ford pardoned Nixon, and while people were outraged at the time, people now think it was the right thing to do, allow the nation to heal, or some other bullshit. I'm personally of the opinion that Nixon should have gone to prison. Had we actually punished the president who was caught red-handed, it may have shown that we care about enforcing our laws, even at the highest level, but the pardon showed that if you're a powerful rich white guy, even if you're shown to be guilty, there's always a way out.

Imagine if this applied to everyone.

Goals for 2007: Update
I was looking through the list I had made for goals in 2007. How am I doing so far?

1. Have a great, attractive, funny, smart and wonderful girlfriend--DONE
Still going strong

2. Get my bedroom in order--Purchase an actual bed. Clean room.
Well, I sort of cleaned it, but now it's wrecked again. No bed yet, either.

3. Start doing yoga--probably next week(?)
Still waiting on this one. Turns out the yoga place right by my house only has night classes.

4. Get the radio station in order--Station meeting tomorrow, get all our ducks in a row.
Not yet. We had the meeting, though. We got a P.O.Box

5. Continue eating healthy--ONGOING
I've really slipped on this one. I need to get to a grocery store, pronto.

6. Cook more, dine out less--ONGOING
See #5

7. Have health insurance--Waiting for infor from the insurance agent
Done! I'm insured for the first time since childhood. Still haven't been to a doctor, though.

8. Go to the dentist--Waiting on dental plan from work
Again a money problem. I need to make a little more as to pay for the dental plan.

9. Buy a truck
No money.

10. Buy a Macbook
See #9

11. Make more movies
Made a second movie, should be posted to the internet in days. Trying to write a feature.

12. Finish Atomic Man--Really. Maybe Monday?

13.Pay off debt--At least get on top of it

I guess two ain't bad. Two months, two down.

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