10 March 2007

Slow News Day, Plus Movies!

It seems to be a slow news day out there. I've been trolling around the murky depths of the interenets, and yet can't find too much to discuss. Other than Jerry Falwell inviting Newt Gingrich to speak at his college. Huh? That reminds me of the press seeking Mel Gibson's opinion after Michael Richards disgraced himself onstage. Or asking O.J. how he would have done it, if he'd done it.

So, it's finally out there. Acceptable TV finally got their sit up, which allowed Chris and myself to post our latest masterpiece, "The Most Dangerous Man Alive." That was sort of frustrating, because we finished this one rather quickly, in about a week, vs. the last one Atomic Man, which took ages and ages. This one is far better, we both feel. If enough people watch it, it'll get on the Acceptable TV show on VH1, too, which would be great.

I'm working on another short next week, tenatively titled "Spaceship Adventures." We'll see how that goes. Since we have access to all of these nifty special effects that Chris is able to do, I figured, why not a space show?

I should be working on my script. I'm going to work on my script now.

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