31 March 2007

I know, I know.

In theory, this thing would be updated every day. Well, it isn't. What a surprise. Things get in the way. Movies, for instance. I've made a few, and all of them are posted here, I think. If not, I'm going to add them. The're mostly being made for something called Channel 101, or Acceptable Tv. I'll explain them later, but the sites are all worth checking out.

As is the new home of Chris and my production company, Stranger in the Alps. The site already looks pretty groovy, thanks to the l337 Haxxor Cieslak, and there's more to come. Right now there's some prduction stills from our last shoot, titled "Krunk Ninjas in the Year Funky, A.D.," the title of which will make more sense if a)you're a Channel 101 fan and b)you see it. More on that later.

So the movie thing is keeping me busy. I've been thinking up a new script, too, called SLC Vice!, a show about Mormon cops. We'll see how that one goes.

Until then.

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