05 March 2008

Dear Mike,

First of all, I'm still here. I know I haven't posted in a while-- I've had some sort of mysterious ailment that seems to have subsided. Probably the flu. Who knows?

How are you? So, you finally decided to drop out of the presidential race, huh? That doesn't surprise me. What does is that you hadn't dropped out a while ago, back when it was determined that it was impossible for you to earn the nomination. But, as you said, you believe in miracles. I guess you just didn't get one. Maybe it's like saving up for later, when you'll really need it, like when you're running for president of the galaxy or something.

I have to admit, for a bible-thumping ultra-conservative right wing Republican, you seem like a pretty nice guy. It's not often that you come across people like that, especially when they're running for president, but you never really acted like a jerk, ever. You give bible-thumping ultra-conservative right wing Republicans a good name, which is a very difficult task to accomplish. So I commend you on that.

But the public's dismissal of you has a silver lining, for me at least. I actually figured you for the Republican nominee a couple of months ago. But the fact that John McCain is more popular goes to show how sick the American people are of Bush-era politics. Instead of the politically and religously conservative candidate, they go for the wild card, so to speak, someone who doesn't believe in the impending apocolypse, and who probably believes in evolution, and...uh... gravity and all of that. That's a positive sign.

It was nice knowing you, and I'm glad you pardoned Keith Richards after all of these years. Take care.

Your Pal,

The Idea of Progress


The [Cherry] Ride said...

Is John McCain really that different than Bush-era politics?

dmarks said...

Caption for the photo:

Mike sings
"I'm just a hucka hunka burning love
I'm just a hucka hucka burning love
I'm just a hucka hucka burning...
Lord have mercy
Just a hucka hucka burning love..."

Winter said...

Fell over laughing after reading dmarks...

But I love you too.

Leonesse said...

I bid you adieu, Mr. HuckaBible.