03 April 2007


--I am now able to strike something else off of my To Do List for 2007, get a bed. I've got one. My lovely roommate traded four bottles of wine for a sofa bed, a full mattress and box springs, and a funky late 70's hexagonal end table (perfect for storing board games in).

--As I haven't had a bed at all in five months, and a comfortable one in over four years, this is quite a change for me. I slept on it last night, and can I tell you, it's much better than sleeping on the floor.

--What else...I started to learn how to use Flash this morning. I was able to make a circle travel across a screen. Very exciting. Following this, an epic. Just as soon as I learn the software.

--This is turning into a very mundane entry. What should I say next? That I ate food today, and wore clothes?

--'SLC Vice!' is written, and if I do say so myself, it is pretty funny. Cieslak mentioned once how in real life, he is far more offensive in his humor than I am, but when it comes to making movies, he finds my humor a little dark. Funny how that is. I don't see it myself, but perhaps that's why we're a good team.

--I've been blogged about. It's very exciting. I have been making videos for the acceptable.tv site, and been somehat active in the site. I've managed to have someone write a quite nice blog about me (another contributer who goes by WorstShowsHere, which would make sense if you've been to the site), and one that insults me not once, but twice (although the author doesn't realize I'm the same person. This is what it must feel like to be famous. Now I just have to work on that whole 'rich' thing.

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