11 April 2007


Strike another item off of the To Do List:2007 edition. I've gone and done yoga.

If you're reading a blog, chances are that you've already done yoga at least once, but if you haven't, allow me to tell you about my experience. I went to do Bikram yoga at a studio on Ravenswood, Om on the Range (even though it has that cutesy name). A friend/co-worker of mine goes there regularly, and recommended it. You may have images of skinny people in sweatpants performing poses called things like Camel or Bowstring, and you wouldn't be off. But it's also HOT. They pump the room up to about 100 degrees, with the humidity in the 30-45% range. The session was taught by a very nice guy named Terry, and lasted 90 minutes. I've rarely sweated so much in my life, but when I left, I had not only the satisfaction of completing another item on my to-do list, but a feeling of accomplishment as well. I tend to have a somewhat constantly sore back and neck, and for once I didn't. I've also been having what some know to be an incredibly stressful week, and for 90 minutes, I barely thought about it. That in itself made it worth it.

I'll be back. I can't wait.

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