27 April 2007

Things I have learned this week.

-There's a new planet! It's the first to be discovered that has the potential for an Earth-like atmosphere. It's in the constellation of Libra, and it has a temperature (on average) of 32-104 degrees. That sounds nicer than Chicago. Scientists theorized that watr could exist in liquid form, so everyone's excited about that. Unfortunately, it's like 170 trillion light years away, or some ridiculous distance.

-Good thing we've found a new planet, cause this one's going down the drain. Apparently somewhere close to 25% of the word's bee population has disappeared. Now, it's somewhat well know that I've got a phobia about bees. I don't want them anywhere near where I can hear or see them, but that doesn't mean I don't want them on my planet. See, we need them to make the plants grow, and we need those things to eat. A friend told me yesterday that Einstein said that 'After the bees go, we've got four years left.' Scary thought.

-'This American Life' is the greatest thing around. I've been getting it on podcast from NPR, and I'm addicted. I'm not sure what day it comes on, and so I check each day to see if I've got a new episode. Ira Glass did a voice on 'Mr. Sprinkles' on Acceptable TV this week, which is really bizzare (according to their blog, he's a fan of 'Who Farted,' and is embarassed to admit that on NPR). Here's the link to Mr. Sprinkles 5: http://acceptable.tv/contest/tv/videos/1546-Mr-Sprinkles-5

You should watch all of them. they're really disturbing.

-Mormons wear special underwear. Are you aware of this? They're called Temple Garments, and they are a very personal thing to those wacky Utah residents. What's really weird is that the male version appears to have a codpiece, and both men's and women's have what seems to be masonic imagry on them.

That's all for now.

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