23 June 2007

I was getting ready to go to bed...

...but then I saw this, and was too horrified to let it wait until tomorrow.

Here's the deal.

We all know the story of the high school teacher that gets caught with a student. It happens more than we'd care to admit. Here's a new twist. 38 year old Brenton Wuchae (no I have that age wrong, he's now 40) married his 16 year old student, Windy Hager. I got Wuchae's age wrong, because he was 38 when he met her. Windy was 14.

How can they get married, you ask? She's not legal! Her parents...yes, that's right, her parents signed a consent form. According to the article, is was an anguishing decision prompted by a desire to have their daughter back in their lives.

"The Hagers contacted police; they even tried to get a restraining order.

"We've tried everybody. We've been to the law. We've been to the school board," Betty said. "Our family has come and tried to talk to her. We've had people on the phone with her for hours — family, friends. We've been to our pastor asking for guidance. We've been to his pastor.""

Let me first yell at the parents.


Many people have had teenage daughters that rebel against their parents. Some run around and wear too much makeup and have sex with boys. Some become withdrawn, hide in their bedrooms and listen to the Cure. Some find Jesus. These are all normal things for a teenage girl to do. As painful as it may be to a parent to have a child behave in such a way, there's not much you can do about it, other than wait until they go away to college and realize they miss you. Your sixteen year old daughter wants to get married? I knew more than one couple when I was her age that were supposedly going to get married because they were in looove. Uh-huh. What do you do when your sixteen year old daughter says that she is going to get married, and wants you to sign the consent form? You say, "NO."

What do you do when your sixteen year old daughter says she wants to marry, not only a 40 year old man, but her coach at school? You lock her in her room. You call the cops. Dad calls up some of his buddies, and they go and find this teacher that's been banging his child and beat the crap out of him. All worthwhile reactions.

You don't sign the damn form.


What was the reaction of the school she attended?

"The principal of the high school wrote to the Hagers, "I have seen nothing but a cooperative attitude from the teacher, and to the best of my knowledge, he has not had any contact with Windy since then."

"School officials can't be responsible for what happens the other hours of the day, and I would think the relationship developed much more outside of school," said Brian Shaw, an attorney for the school district.

Uh...huh? I'd like to go out on a limb here and say that the school is in fact responsible for the conduct between its employees and its students. I would go as far as to say that there's probably some legislation lying about that would confirm this. Otherwise, it would be legal and kosher for high school teachers to screw their 18 year old students.

I see a well deserved lawsuit in here somewhere.


Hey, North Carolina police! This guy is a pedophile! He's married her at 16? That means he's been fucking her for two years! 14! 14!!! I mean, that's got to be illegal even in North Carolina! It's not Manilla, for Christ's sake!

Everybody should be ashamed of themselves. The only victim here is this girl, who at 16 doesn't have a fucking clue, and will probably be pregnant in a month, if she's not already.

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