12 June 2007

The Latest Thing to Fear

When attending a food service sanitation course, I was told that there is shit on everything. EVERYTHING. All of the produce you buy in the store (which is why you should wash it before eating it), there's shit in the sink in your kitchen, and even more disgustingly, on drinking fountains.

There is a bottled water ban at North Bend Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. The school says that kids are smuggling alcohol in those bottles, and while I'm sure that a kid or two has done that, most probably have not. I remember a girl bringing booze in a water bottle when I was in junior high, and the moment she opened it up in the classroom (which was a big, lecture type one) you could smell it across the room. But that's the exception, hardly the rule.

Kyleray Katherman (EDIT: I forgot to mention...Kyleray is an 8th grader) had a hunch that the drinking fountains weren't clean. He tested four drinking fountains around the school and a toilet, using cotton swabs and growing cultures in the science lab, presenting his findings to the school board with a Powerpoint presentation. Guess which one was the cleanest.

The toilet.

The school replaced parts of the fountains to clean them up, but still won't let kids bring bottled water to class. But I bet that kid gets a good job out of this. Jut as soon as he's old enough to work.

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Belinda said...

I've actually heard that it's more hygienic to kiss the toilet bowl than it is to kiss someone (on the lips)!!!

Too bad it's not as much fun ;o)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Am finding yours really interesting, probably as I agree with a lot of what you're saying.

Love your Dick Cheney montage!