02 June 2007

This Week In Stupid

It looks like we're in Baghdad to stay, at least until they kick us out. When they do, the Iraqis will have an excellent new billion dollar palace, the under-construction Embassy Baghdad (which sounds like a hotel, but is really the new U.S. Embassy). On average, U.S. embassies cover about 10 acres...This lovely piece of construction covers 104. Kind of a little bit bigger.

As ridiculous as that sounds, that's not the winner of This Week In Stupid. That prize goes to Berger Devine Yaeger Inc., the architecture firm that has designed the damn thing. I'd like to know which genius was responsible for...wait for it, this is good...posted computer generated images of the floorplans of the thing. I'm sure they just wanted to let the Iraqis know the most convenient route to get inside.

Unsurprisingly, the State Department didn't think that this was too kosher, and made them take the pics down. But unless the insurgants are unfamiliar with Google, well, I think they know what's going on.

Congratulations, Berger Devine Yaeger Inc.! You are the winners of This Week in Stupid!

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