31 May 2007

The Court, The Thief, and the Past

The makeup of the Supreme Court has changed. I wouldn't begin to refer to it in the recent past as a liberal court or a conservative one, but one that was evenly divided down the middle, with a couple of justices who could only be counted on to surprise. Personally, I'd like a very liberal court, but perhaps it was in the best interests of everyone in the country to have a court that most resembled us.

Since Bush came into office and has been able to get two justices on it, the makeup has changed dramatically, and you could almost hear the audible cry of relief from the Christian conservatives and the far right. I wouldn't want to unfairly characterize Justices Alito and Roberts, but since they've voted predictably and in unison for everything I thought they would I'm just going to assume they're both jackasses. Even Scalia (who's kind of a nut job) occasionally will surprise you. He's no parrot, just someone with his own set of beliefs, however woefully misguided.

The Last Woman Standing, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, seems to have had enough. In today's New York Times there is an article about how she has taken to orally dissenting from the bench. This goes against her generally quiet, follow the rules type of demeanor, but according to a friend of hers, this shows how she feels that the court has become politicised with it's recent changes. Not like anyone who has been paying attention to the court recently would have thought otherwise, but it's nice to know that she's grown a pair, so to speak.


One of the world's biggest spammers has been caught. Seems that Robert Alan Soloway has been hacking into other peoples' computers and using them to send out spam that advertised that he could send out advertisements, etc. He's considered one of the top 10 spammers in the world, according to the AP. I don't know what kind of punishment is appropriate for this guy, but whatever it is, I hope it's annoying and tedious.


I found these a week ago, and just thought they were amusing, so I've been holding on to them. These are apparently real ads from yesteryear. It's too bad that irony has pervaded every facet of existance, because honest things like this are so much funnier when they are unaware of themselves.

Courtesy of Ads of the World.

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