17 May 2007

What Goes On.

So, apparently R. Kelly is insane. We all knew that he was a pervert. We all knew that he was a mad filmmaking genius. But the man now thinks that he is the Martin Luther King, Jr. of his generation. And he said this in an interview, so all of us could see what goes on inside that head of his. It must be an exciting place to live.

The Scientologists have pissed off the BBC. Seems that the Beeb has been making a documentary about them, and they responded by making a documentary about the BBC. Uh-huh. The producers of the programme (like the spelling?) respond.


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They might be putting bathrooms in CTA stations. On one hand, a good idea when you've really got to go and options are limited. On the other hand, homeless people using them as apartments. Maybe it'd keep drunk frat boys from pissing between cars.


Elijah Wood is going to be playing Iggy Pop in a movie. Honest.

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