27 May 2007

FDA Miiiiiiiiight Allow Marijuana Research

75% of People Disagree With the Administration About It

But it's not the war. It's the use of medical marijuana. Pretty much everyone thinks that it should be available for cancer patients and people suffering from, geez, about a milliona ailiments, if not for packing up the bong. Amazingly, the only Schedule I drug that researchers can't look into. That's right. Cocaine? Heroin? That's cool. Just not pot.

The good news is that the FDA is one step away from finally allowing scientists access to cannabis. A U.S. Department of Justice judge just submitted a report with the go-ahead. Now the FDA has to say yea or nay.


On another marijuana note, I found an interesting article on a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, as reported by NORML, that says that marijuana use doesn't adversely affect decision making. Don't tell the potheads abot this.

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Anonymous said...

Eventually marijuana will be just as legal and sold, controlled and taxed just like liquor. Why? Simply because the reason marijuana was outlawed to begin with was to enable our loveable homogenous society and government to deport the foriegn mexicans who flooded the southwest after the 1910 Mexican Revolution. It had, and still has, nothing to do with physical/mental health and well being of our country and us citizens. Plus the Morman Church was having trouble with their members going to Mexico and bringing back marijuana for their own personal use. Let's see Sex, Drugs and the Morman Curch, well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. But as you can see the government had no and wanted no input from the scientific and medical community because the AMA was against putting Cannabis in a schedule 1 catagory. So with this generation, starting at age 60 and counting down (this is for the patient's sake,) medical marijuana should be legal in 2-4 more presidential terms. No one has the balls to fight the political mackinations already in place against marijuana. The best way to win this argument, and that's all it is for it has already been proven cannabis has many medically theraputic values while also having the safest history in terms of toxicity, is with and through the language politicians understand...MONEY. So if all growers/dealers legal or illegal could get together and each put some $$ in a fund we could put our own politicians in office. After all, that is the ultimate salesmen's product to sell, Power. Because cannabis is not physically addictive nor deadly like heroin, alcohol, cocaine and nicotine. It can be used to treat , well like you said, geez about a million ailments. That's why the THC ignorant think its all about just getting high, fact is I can tell you nothing controls nausea better then medical grade marijuana vapors/smoke. I will gladly trade the risk of cancer from smoking, which is the only danger of daily marijuana use, (so they say but I don't beleive smoking marijuana causes cancer. 35 years and still smokin' and still counting) to be nausea free from my Diabetic Neuropathic Gastro Paresis (which is impossible for if you have this neuropathic gastro disorder it is painful and you surf waves of nausea from mild to severe every hour of every day.) But I will not trade it for a prison cell. That's why politicians like Sen Tom Harkin (D-Ia) must be killed...(pregnant pause)...ok, in the next elections by a pro cannabis candidate. Hell lets start our own party if not country, the Cannabis Country. Come to where your health is, Come to where the mountains aren't the only thing that's high, Come to Cannabis Country, where good times are had by all. With Ron Paul as our President. Peace...