27 May 2007

Wow, someone sure fucked up

As reported by everyone else on the interents, there is a website called georgewbush.org. It's not a Republican site, it's a parody site operated by some Daily Kos contributors. Apparently they were receiving emails intended for the Republicans but were sent to the wrong address, and some of them are quite revealing.

Actual quote from one email:

> >May I request that you or someone on your staff send directions
> >regarding
> >what Counties can and cannot do as it pertains to newsletters and phone
> >banks usage for federal candidates. There is a great deal of ignorance
> >out
> >here and many counties are violating the campaign law as I understood it
> >
> >from you. God help us if the Democrats find out.

All of those emails, including lists of black voters in Florida (possibly/ probably listed in an attempt to keep them from voting) are available here

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