07 May 2007

My new bike

This isn't my actual bike, just a pic of the same model/color. I've got a generator on mine with lights that work! Very excited about this.

I got it from Working Bikes, a co-op in Chicago. Here's the deal. Show up Wednesday or Saturday at noon. Better yet, get there at 11:45. If you are later than noon, there's only going to be girl's bikes left. When I went there with my friend, there was about ten or twelve people besides us waiting for the doors to open. Once they did, everyone ran in the place and started grabbing. It reminded me of being a kid, and going with my parent's to get a Cabbage Patch doll. Madness. I stepped inside the door, and it took me no more than ten seconds to find the one I wanted.

The bikes are refurbished older models, fixed up with parts from other, donated bikes. Got an old one sitting in your basement? Even one that's busted up? Bring it down. I was given a bike a couple of weeks ago by a friend that wasn't worth fixing up, according to the guys at the bike shop (who were being honest), but the guy at Working Bikes was pleased with it ("We can totally use this," he said).

It's down on Roosevelt and Western. Get there early, because all of the good ones go in twenty minutes.

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