22 May 2007

Today in the World of stuff

Found a great headline on Digg. "Creed's Stapp arrested for assault; his crimes against music go unpunished " Seems that one of the few creatures on this Earth more insufferable than Bono himself has gone and got himself arrested for assault after coming home drunk and throwing a bottle of Orangina at his beauty queen wife. What would Jesus do, Scott? (He'd probably have a better band, for starters)

By the way, is that the most narcissistic photo you've ever seen?


Rove, Lying, and Voter Fraud

File this under the catagory of, "Yeah, that's what I figured." Have you been paying attention to the whole voter fraud thing? Probably not. Here's the deal. Republicans are notorious for trying to deny minorities the ability to vote, citing voter fraud as being especially prevelant in areas where people vote Democrat (Jim Crow never died, he just got politically correct). The last election, the one that Kerry folded so quickly on, hinged a little bit on what the Republicans called voter fraud. There wasn't that big of a stink about it, but when people are contesting votes in states that were as close as Ohio, every one counts.

Where am I going with this? A supposedly non-partisan non-profit group called the American Center for Voting Rights began a 'civilian' investigation into what those dastardly minorities were up to. The Justice Department was ordered to make it one of their top priorities. When a bunch of the attorneys came up with the fact that there really wasn't any voter fraud at all. Then they got fired.

Then Gonzales got caught.

It appears, like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, that Karl Rove was behind the whole thing. What a non-surprise. Every time something pops up on the political landscape that attempts to manoever the Republican party into a more favorable position of power, but claims to be distinct from the government, well, it's always this bastard. What, Valerie Plame is unmasked by a newspaper columnist Hmmm....whose work is that?

Ever heard of Cardinal Richelieu?

So, it looks like the American Center for Voting Rights has just vanished, according to Slate. Kind of odd, don't you think?

Rove is running out of fall guys. I can only imagine the books and movies that will be about this guy in the years to come. He's like Kissinger, I'm just waiting for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


Electric Cars For a Midlife Crisis

Why are electric cars only sought after by grad students, vegetarians and Al Gore? Because they don't appeal to the real car consumer: the 40-something man going through a mid-life crisis. Electric cars aren't something that men purchase to compensate for their thinning hair and expanding waistlines. That's what a Corvette is for.

Until now.

There's a company out in Silicon Valley called Tesla Motors that aims to change all of that. Rather than a bunch of guys from Detroit or Japan, Tesla (named after Nikola Tesla, who basically gave us all of our technology for the 20th century) Tesla is run by a bunch of computer guys, who figured they could do a better job of making an electric car than GM, who royally fucked the whole thing up.

The cars don't look like those pink bunnies, by the way. Those were made by Tesla Motors for shits and giggles, I guess.

This is what the car looks like.

I don't go for sports cars, normally, but that's pretty cool. All electric. 0-60mph in 4 seconds. 250 miles per charge. And you can charge it from a solar station you can install in your house.

Now that's cool.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Stapp DOES rival Bono for being one of the most insufferable people on the music scene, if not in the public eye in general. Wait, is SS still on the music scene? And would Jesus drink Orangina?

So many questions, so many questions. Nice posts!
Yours in blog solidarity,
Katharine (a Chicago reader. Now maybe your other readers will "come out" too)