23 May 2007

God Hates Statues, or Pointing Fingers at Others

It seems to me that every time we hear of a flood or earthquake or terrorist attack, the blame lay on the 'sinners.' "It's because people are gay/ voting Democrat/ listening to rock music/ fornicating without permission from the church." God hates everyone that we do.

Well, lightning struck a statue of Jesus this week in Colorado. I'm assuming by that rationale that God either hates statues or Jesus, I can't figure out which. It reminds me of an event in the 1960's...It was during the whole "The Beatles are bigger than Jesus" debacle. Seems that a radio staion in Texas was broadcasting anti-Beatle sentiments, and the tower was destroyed by lighting. Now that's funny.

This reminds me of the late (not late enough) Jerry Falwell. I don't know if you saw Christopher Hitchens on Hannity and Colmes (and I can understand if you, like me, would rather have your prostate checked than watch Fox News), but it's really funny.

Bill Maher had a lot of things to say, too. I usually consider him a blowhard like Dennis Miller, but I have to admit, I thought this was amusing.


Talk about last week's news. I just want to remind everyone that he's gone.


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