06 January 2008

Awards Roundup

It has been a heady year over here at the Idea of Progress. There were ups and down, thrills, chills, and good old fashioned American Sex and Violence.

The Idea of Progress has both received and been denied various awards. Some were awards of international recognition, some were known only to a few. I feel that now would be the time to review some of these triumphs and thefts.

Awards Stolen From the Idea of Progress

The Nobel Peace Prize

This went to Al Gore and some scientists or something. The work of the Idea of Progress in the field of world domination apparently was of no interest to them. A travesty, to say the least.

The Drysdale Awards

The Idea of Progress was nominated for a 2007 Drysdale Award for Least Influential Political Blog. It seems that there are blogs out there that have less influence than yours truly, making the Idea of Progress an INFLUENTIAL political blog.

Hmmm...I'm going to chalk this one up as a win, then.

Awards Retroactively Granted to the Idea of Progress By Himself

People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Due to a clerical error, it was accidently awarded to Matt Damon. The error was soon corrected, and Mr. Damon apologized.

Awards Garnered by the Idea of Progress

Emu-zing Blogger Award

Given by Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me. I believe the Emu is most likely the most handsome and courageous of the large, flightless birds of Eastern Australia, and therefore must be the basis of the award.

The award was also given to me by Pistols at Dawn over at Save Your Generation. I take it he also wanted to bestow some of the respect given to the Idea of Progress onto the noble Emu.

100% Guv'ner Approved

Given in recognition for the internationally recognized Idea of Progress Day, celebrated annually on November 26th (which leaves you about ten and a half months to prepare for next year).

The illustration of the Idea of Progress is nearly spot on, and is shown clad in a t-shirt that reads 'Dude,' which for some reason seems oddly appropriate.

Thinking Blogger Award

Also awarded by Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me, but it was awarded mostly to lure the Idea of Progress into her boudoir, or so I imagine.

Larushka's Uterus

Granted in honor of the Idea of Progress Day, it goes places Pistols at Dawn would never dare.


Lara said...

I am thrilled that my uterus was deemed worthy of being included in this post.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, how did you figure out that I granted you the award just to get you in the sack?

Leonesse said...

Is there places P@D won't go? Wow.