29 January 2008

Bad, Idea of Progress, Bad!

I make a point to attribute most things I post here. I don't like to take credit for anyone else's work because it is dishonest, and it gives license for others to steal my comic gold (or comedy spray painted a golden color, which I feel is mostly the same thing).

And so the Idea of Progress was mortified to realize he had posted the following photo and not attributed it to the owner:

The photograph originally came from John Baird's Flickr page. I don't remember if I took it from there, or if I found it on Google after someone else stole it (I assume the latter, but I can't remember for sure).

The Idea of Progress would like to extend an apology to Mr. Baird.

In light of this disclosure, tIoP would like to make the following admissions:

-I did not write the second uncredited draft of the Geneva Convention, the one where Harry Potter dies in the end.

-I did not create the beloved character of Jar-Jar Binks.

-I only won the Tour de France three times, not four. I was doping for one of those.

-I was not the governor of Nevada. I just told that to girls as a pickup line.

-While I am an ordained reverend (thank you, internet!), I am not the Pope.

-My tears are not diamonds, merely cubic zirconium

-I was not the fifth Beatle. I was the 17th (after Donovan but before Frampton)

-While I can fly higher than an eagle, I am not the wind beneath your wings.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by previous statements.


rider said...

But it was you who let the dogs out, right?

Natalie said...

Wait, Donovan was a Beatle. Man that would have been awesome.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I would love to lock you up and make you cry. Even if they aren't diamonds, CZ are real shiny and look great bedazzled on clothes.

Bubs said...

Wow. Now I can add zombie fan plushies to my list of things to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that "The Idea of Progress Day" is a federal holiday and not one you made up. Please.

Grant Miller said...

I'm not an attorney - yet - but I believe by marking the photo "public" he doesn't have much recourse legally. It's like putting stuff on your curb.

But I could be wrong.

Actually, I probably am. But it sounded good at first.

The Idea Of Progress said...

Rider- I only let two of the dogs out. The remainder were released by L'il Jon.

Natalie- True story- Donovan was there when the Beatles went on the retreat with the Maharashi

AB- You can lock me up in a room with you anytime. I might even cry.

Bubs- They weren't on your list already?

Suze- The Idea of Progress Day is recognized in most first and second world nations (and Canada, too!)

Grant - I'm sure I have the right to use it, but right doesn't make might. Wait, did I say that right?

pistols at dawn said...

I say, go to hell, people who aren't me who want credit for stuff.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Really? Oh shit, come over!!!

Leonesse said...

Will you marry me? I mean, to someone else, of course.

I was married (to LK) by someone who was ordained in 5 minutes on the internet. The ceremony lasted about 5 minutes as well, then on to cheesecake and beer. You know, the stuff that mattered.