09 January 2008

Life Imitates Art: The Evil Dead Edition

So this man believes his hand had become marked with the Sign of the Beast (presumably a 666, but who knows?). Being a reasonable person, he put a tourniquet on his arm, cut off his hand with a circular saw, and microwaved it.

No, really.

Apparently calm when authorities arrived, the man is now in protective custody in a mental institution.

Incidentally, both of these stories came through the AP wire at the same time.


The Guv'ner said...

Dude, what happened to good old fashioned running in circles howling at the moon? That is fucked up right here.

Leonesse said...

While there are parts of my body that bedevil the hell outta me only a plastic surgeon is gonna remove them as long as he doesn't microwave them afterward.