21 November 2007

FAQ's about the Idea of Progress Day

There has been some disquieting speculation of late in regards to the upcoming international holiday The Idea of Progress Day. I would like to use this opportunity to clear up any potential misunderstanding.

-The Idea of Progress Day is not the birthday of the Idea of Progress. That is May 11, and there will certainly be fanfare when that date rolls around. Last year the Idea of Progress attended Looptopia and was underwhelmed.

-The Idea of Progress Day may be considered a religious holiday for tax reasons.

-The Idea of Progress Day may be celebrated in a manner that you see fit. If that involves alcohol, so be it.

-The Idea of Progress Day was created on November 13th, 2007. There may or may not have been alcohol involved.

-The Idea of Progress Day is currently searching for a corporate sponsor. If you are interested, please email the Idea of Progress.

-The Idea of Progress Day is, in the words of Katrocket, "the self-proclaimed holiday of a megalomaniac."


pistols at dawn said...

Is it one of those weird religious holidays based on an outdated calendar that gets celebrated on the fourth Monday every November, or just the same date every year? I like to plan ahead. Right now, I'm planning my 2035 summer vacation to Venus.

katrocket said...

Thank you kindly for this press release. It is indeed very helpful. You're way more organized than those crazy hippies who run "No-Pants Day".

-- Rocketradio Research Dept.