26 November 2007

The Idea of Progress Day, part 2: Mississippi

9:56am EST
SOMEWHERE IN MISSISSIPPI - The Idea of Progress Day is about more than the Idea of Progress. It's about Ideas. And Progress. And Of.

Today's first stop in the whirlwind world tour was Mississippi. From an undisclosed location, The Idea of Progress has sat down with Trent Lott (R-Miss). The Idea of Progress told Senator Lott, "Look, I don't like you. And today's my day. So I think it's time for you to quit.

Mr. Lott saw the logic in this and agreed.

Back on the plane. Where will the Idea of Progress strike again?


pistols at dawn said...

You have the mighty winds of change buoying you, sir. Excelsior.

CDP said...

Nice work, but you might have considered taking Cheney out on your one and only day...still, well done!