25 July 2007

Girls, Guns and Ice Cream

This image brings a lot of thoughts to mind. They are soldiers in the Israeli army, in case you're wondering why teenage girls are packing assault rifles. For some reason they are dressed like they are shopping in the mall, but that have those assault rifles with them while they are buying ice cream...There's something funny, and sad, and oddly perverted about the whole thing. Apparently there's a whole thread that is full of photos of attractive girls in the Israeli army.

I do like how they seem to be allowed to style their hair and wear makeup.

Strange strange strange.


Anonymous said...

It is common to see soldiers in Israel, both male and female. They should be wearing uniform. The only thing sad about the photo is that Israelis have to be always on guard and serve years in the army because they are continually under attack by Muslims

Anonymous said...

Muslims attack Israelis because they are constantly killing Muslim children as they walk to school.