21 July 2007

Tammy Faye, R.I.P.

Married to not one evangelical criminal, but two. Inspiration behind a t-shirt that I remember from my childhood. Subject of a camp documentary. Co-star of Vanilla Ice and Eric Estrada.

I don't really have an opinion of her, other than I see her story as a prototypical American story.

She passed away from cancer complications.


Laaw-yuhr said...

I remember making many jokes at her expense in my youth, and I too remember the t-shirt. But I think of all the evangelicals out there, she is actually the only one who was a decent person. She wasn't overly judgmental and was one of the few of her ilk who wasn't homophobic. So in short, I think her passing is sad. Especially if you saw her last interview with Larry King.

The Idea Of Progress said...

I'll agree with that. She was unfortunately the last of her kind.

Grant Miller said...

God bless!