16 July 2007

I'm too tired to write about Day 3

I'll do that tomorrow. I did host my radio show tonight... have I mentioned that I have a radio show? A whole internet radio station, in fact? Since internet radio has received a stay of execution, we're revamping the station over the next couple of weeks.

The station is called Chicago Radio 1. If you tune in right now, you might hear ecclectic pop music (my music) or heavy metal (the other DJ's music), although one of the first things I'm doing this weekend is to change the non-live music to something a little less aggressive except during advertised times.

My show is called "Esoteria." It's on Monday nights, 7-9pm CST, so you missed it tonight, but don't worry, I'll be there next week.

More on the station as it develops. It should be good.

But something I need from y'all. What kinds of things would you like to hear on the radio? If it was your station, what would you program? I'm all ears.

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