21 July 2007


On a previous post, I misspelt the word 'Teletubbies," as "Teleubbies." Months later, the top search term used to find this blog is still 'Teleubbies." Even more than Ron Paul.

I had corrected the post to be spelled correctly, but type "teleubbies" into Google and you still end up here. It's made me think about other common words I could misspell and redirect hits with.

Perhaps 'Nakd" or "Britny Spears" or "fcking."

We'll see what happens.


Grant Miller said...

I mentioned "Ron Paul" once in a post a couple weeks ago and got way too many hits.

Belinda said...

I've never watched the Teletubbies, but remember the "uproar" about them a few years back. They're kinda like weird looking Wiggles with all those colours!

More importantly, what's with the blue vacuum cleaner elephant??????

Anonymous said...

Teletubbies is a cool show! My parents are mean and would not let me watch teletubbies because they thought it would make me stupid. I regret not ever watching the teletubbies when i was younger!

Anonymous said...

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