26 July 2007

Some thoughts for the day...

1. The guy who had the Windows fatal error message tattooed on his arm must either be: a) stupid b) stupid, and a Mac freak or c) stupid and masochistic, because you know that no girl is going to consider that as an addition to this guy's sex appeal, so he clearly must be inviting mockery.

2. I watched Madmen on AMC tonight. I rarely watch TV outside of the Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Adult Swim (oh, and Mythbusters and Countdown), and never watch anything that's in prime time, but now that I work days, I have the opportunity. Madmen is from on of the guys behind The Sopranos, and I'll tell you what...if this was a movie, I would have considered the admission price well spent. To spoil one gag from the show (which takes place in 1959):

Two mothers are talking in the kitchen. Their kids run in from where they have been playing, out of sight, in the family room. The boy is dressed like a spaceman, and annoucnes that they've been playing "Outer Space." The girl has placed the bag from the dry-cleaning over her body. Her mother gestures for her to come over, sternly warns her that the dry-cleaning better not be wrinkled, and sends her on the way--still wearing the bag.

That's good TV.

3. I work in an office now. I've never had a day job, and the adjustment to mornings is excruciating. How do you do it? How do you go to bed after the Daily Show and make your lunch and iron your shirts? Does this mean I'm finally grown up? How bizarre.


Grant Miller said...

I was considering TiVoing "Madmen." I'm hideously picky with TV, but it sounded good and the commercials, which ran during Countdown, Colbert and the Daily Show, made it look great. I'm still hesitant, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

Grant Miller said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. Working is for suckers.

Anonymous said...
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