22 August 2007

Bombers, Hellboy, Bill Murray, Cars, Al Leong!

-An uninvited Russian bomber on its way to England was confronted by two very unhappy British fighter pilots on August 17. Putin has decided to revive the now retro/classic tactic of sending long range bombers on flights, presumably to show that he is able to squander every last resource Russia has on jet fuel and trying to pass off James Cameron movies as news footage.

-Hellboy, beware. The man with the World's Largest Hand went in for surgery to have it, uh...fixed. I want to warn you...DON'T CLICK ON THAT LINK unless you are ready to deal with it. That's all I'm saying.

-Bill Murray was arrested in Stockholm after driving drunk downtown...in a golf cart. When Swedish police asked him to take a breathalizer, he told them that under U.S. law, he didn't have to. A problem with that, Bill...you're in Sweden. He later submitted to a blood test, and more than likely a wicked hangover and a near-terminal case of embarrassment.

-They don't make them like they used to...Clarence Cleveland Curtiss is still driving the first car he ever bought. The thing is, he bought the car in 1938. It's a 1929 Ford Model A, which he bought for $10 from a guy during the Depression. If you think about it, he's had the car for 69 years. He paid ten bucks for it, meaning that car has cost him about fifteen cents a year.

-Al Leong is apparently the Greatest Ever.


Lucy said...

Is that really true? About Bill Murray? That's craZy. I'm super gullible---a habit of believing anything in print.

Anyway, stop by my joint/blog. I'm a standup comedienne in NYC, blogging her way to stardom.

Lovely coming across your blog!

McGone said...

I would like to unsee the world's largest hand now, please. Could you some how wipe that from my memory? And could you put your warning in all-caps?

The Idea Of Progress said...

McGone: I can put it in caps, but only Dr. Jack Daniels can remove it from your memory.

katarose said...

re: Giant hand!
I particularly enjoyed the related headline with the "handy" pun. Delicious.

Cipher Theory said...

Thanks for the link!