13 August 2007

Karl Rove Quits...And I'm Not As Happy As I Should Be

It's official, Karl Rove will be leaving the White House at the end of September, according to an interview he gave with the Wall Street Journal (why the Wall Street Journal? How come not the Washington Journal or Fox News?) This is something that a lot of us have wanted for some time...say seven years or so. I would have hoped he would be exiting the White House for federal prison, but we can all dream, can't we?

Here's the thing, though. Rove is leaving at a strange time. I don't mean strange like the country is mired in an unpopular and ultimately doomed war (that he was an architect of), or that he has been under public scrutiny for his lies and illegal use of executive power. I mean strange like...why now? Why not at the end of 2007? There's some story that the White House Chief of staff told all of Bush's aides that if they stayed past Labor Day, they should expect to stay through the end of the term. Who tells Karl Rove what to do? Maybe Cheney, but that's about it.

So that leads me to fear for the worst. Does Rove know something, and doesn't want to be there when the shit goes down? If Rove is bailing, you know it has to be bad.


Grant Miller said...

There's a difference between the WSJ and Fox Noise?

The Idea Of Progress said...

I feel the WSJ is mostly driven by economics (the editorial page aside), not making it all right in my book, but not making it a paper driven by any ideology other than the love of money.

I can read articles in it and not be driven into Tasmanian Devil-like bouts of rage.