16 August 2007

Political News Bites

"Left Behind will save us!

-So the Pentagon is now supporting video games. No, not Grand Theft Auto. Not Manhunt 2. Not even Super Mario Brothers. No, our military is supporting "faith-based" entertainment. Faith-based, despite the George Michael reference, is wholly religious, and the game they are supporting is Left Behind: Eternal Forces, a military strategy game that takes place after the Rapture.

Having our military, which is fighting what some might refer to as a 'holy war,' sponsoring an evangelical Christian agenda...is that a good idea?

Tony Snow Will Crush You

-Tony Snow is resigning. Hurray! Now we get to hate someone else as much as we hate him! I have to say, he's the first Bush White House spokesman I've ever seen that was as cocky as who he was speaking for. Remember how flustered Scott McClennan always seemed to be, or how hounded Ari Fleisher always was? Snow was like a sleazy used car salesman, which I liked, because it was soooooo easy to want him dead.

A bit of his conversation with Hugh Hewitt:

HEWITT: Are there any other resignations upcoming, Tony Snow?

SNOW: I think that probably…as Josh said the other day, he thinks there are probably a couple coming up in the next month or so. […]

HEWITT: Your intention to go the distance, Tony Snow?

SNOW: No, I’m not going to be…I’ve already made it clear I’m not going to be able to go the distance, but that’s primarily for financial reasons. I’ve told people when my money runs out, then I’ve got to go.

I like this conversation for two reasons. ONE: The implication that poor, poor Tony Snow is running out of money. Good thing he's using his health savings account to pay for his fight against cancer (no, I'm not mocking him for having cancer, just his and his administration's opposition to public health care). He must have been making minimum wage over at Fox Noise, and not much more at the White House. TWO: At least as a Republican, he's sticking to his guns, and going where the money is.

You know they really just wanted to make out.

-I thought Karl Rove was taking time off to spend with his family? I guess he'd rather spend his time ripping on Hillary Clinton. He made these comments as a guest on the Rush Limbaugh show (I didn't even know people still listened to him. I though Bill O'Reilly had stepped into his stinky shoes)...

On what Rove characterizes as Clinton's 'lack of support' for our troops.

“I’m a little bit surprised that somebody with a record so weak on these things would somehow deign to lecture this president, who is very popular among the military and military families because they see him as a strong commander-in-chief who supports them, loves them, and gives them everything they need and want,” Mr. Rove said." (I find something very 1984-Big-Brother about that statement)

-Mr. Rove said that Mrs. Clinton’s criticism of the president showed “a lack of vision” on her part.

I think he just has a crush on her.


Laaw-yuhr said...

Left Behind...(shudder)...so scary.

Anonymous said...

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The Idea Of Progress said...

Grant Miller, are you bringing the secret rapture?