30 August 2007

The Idea Of Progress Shares Its Newfound Celebrity

Have I mentioned that an article of mine was linked to a fine blog named Adventures In himself Self Loathing? I did? I just wanted to make sure. This was the first time I've been linked to outside of a blogroll (some fine blogs, such as Save Your Generation, have included me there for decades (or weeks, depending on how far from the sun you are located).

I thought I'd return the favor by mentioning some fine entries I have been privileged to read.

-Speaking of Save Your Generation, a lovely post was written by Pistols at Dawn about the most popular searches that lead to his site, which this week was "Giving herpes to my wife." If you'd like to know more about this, perhaps you should visit.

-I would like to draw your attention to a blog Jesus Christ himself might have penned, if he was only more handsome and lived in St. Charles, the mighty Grant Miller Media. You should do yourself a favor and read his incisive commentary into why Huggies CleanTeam Soap proved far more useful than even its developers could have envisioned.

-A difficult blog name to spell: Weltanschau*ng. Difficult words in this post to spell: quinoa, tzatziki, cac─▒k.

-RocketRadio has pictures of Britney Spears wearing no pants, and David Hasselhoff wearing a thong and a leather jacket. I'm sure it's a great article, but those two images prevented me from focusing on anything else. I know something about pants. Or lack of pants.

-McGone over at The International House of Blogcakes wants to make love to Paul Rudd. I think.

-Cipher Theory wants to tell you all about Ben Stein's new movie. I'll give you a hint. Kirk Cameron, Billy Graham, Grant Miller* and George W. Bush could all watch it and be happy.

*not because he's religious, but because he is a huge Growing Pains fan


McGone said...

McGone over at The International House of Blogcakes wants to make love to Paul Rudd

Who doesn't?

katrocket said...

I like me some Rudd, too!

Thanks for the shout-out, Progress. Rocketradio is not just about pantsless celebs. Sometimes I pretend I'm Celine Dion.