15 August 2007

I Have To Make This Quick...

Because I'm supposed to be leaving for work this very moment.

Headline in the NY Times:

PETA Slams "Shocking" Hamas TV Clip

That alone is funny. I'm sure Hamas is terrified. Is there possibly a more American protest group than PETA? Don't get me wrong, I'm a vegetarian that only uses non-animal tested products, etc, etc, etc. They'd like my lifestyle (PETA, that is). But I find them ridiculous, and never more so than here. Hamas has some very pressing issues on their table, and a protest by PETA is probably an occasion for much mirth.

The really funny thing is that what PETA is protesting is actually a program by Hamas to teach kids NOT to abuse animals.

But the real thing that caught my eye in the article is this last paragraph.

"The Hamas-run TV station made world headlines in June when it featured a character who resembled Disney's Mickey Mouse advocating Palestinian attacks against Israelis. "Farfur" was later "beaten to death" by an actor depicted as an Israeli."

What the fuck???


Laaw-yuhr said...

Wow, that's exactly the sort of ridiculous response that undermines whatever credibility PETA may have. I've never understood the throwing red paint on fur coats bit when 90% of people are walking around in leather shoes. Dead animal is dead animal right? Fur coats may be particularly gauche, but I think consistency is important.

Not to mention, I also think there are a lot of people out there who make better arguments for the humane treatment of animals. The Chef, Hugh Fearnsley-Whittingstall, who has written a number of books that do an excellent job of shedding light on the ugliness of mass farming.

Cipher Theory said...

Eat a burger, PUSSY!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of one of the editors I worked with telling us about copy she was trying to write about some event that was co-sponsored by PETA. PETA objected to the phrasing "Barbecue and Potluck" because they felt that 'barbecue' is too meat-oriented. Nevermind that the veggies among us get along perfectly well grilling fruit and vegetables and soy products at barbecues.