19 August 2007

Satan Rents a Billboard

So Satan is buying advertising now. How do you think that transaction went? Did Satan just cut them a check and ship the artwork to them? What bank would he use (My guess would be Citibank)? Or did he come in for an appointment, and draw up the materials with an advertising agency?

What other ads do you think Satan was behind? I'd guess this commercial for Skittles:

Maybe that's why that guy is suing them.

And not to mention that he has a website. And that the website, amazingly, isn't foxnews.com.


Laaw-yuhr said...

That skittles ad is totally made by Satan. And Citibank is DEFINITELY the work of the devil.

pistols at dawn said...

I usually think of Satan as kind of like the Mob these days - not actually that powerful, and really just focuses on mean, low-level pranks.

I think he's the one who makes "2 and a Half Men" such a hit, because I've got absolutely no other explanation for that.