10 August 2007

Fred Phelps: American Hero

A bridge collapses due to a structural problem. People die. Now that sounds like the work of that radical left wing terrorist group: The Gays. Or Al-Gayda, as I believe they like to be called in their native language (it means, God is Gay, I think).

It's a good thing we have a brave and noble American like Fred Phelps, who isn't blinded by Al-Gayda's network of lies and distortion, cruelly manipulated in such outlets as The New York Times and Time Out and Time. He knows what time it is. He knows how to stop them.

Protest at the funerals of the dead.

It doesn't matter if none of the victims of the bridge collapse are gay. This will send them a message that America Is Not Afraid Of You.

Good work, Fred Phelps! You're keeping America strong by making everyone in the political spectrum, from the far left to the far right united in one thing:

Their hatred of you.


Grant Miller said...

I still say most conservatives don't quite hate Phelps enough.

Mob said...

There's an awesome song by a group called I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House entitled The Westboro Baptist Church that pays special homage to this guy...

What a nut.