28 September 2007

Blogarrific Blogstravaganza 2007!

If you don't live in Chicago, or near Chicago, I'd suggest you steal a car and start driving right now. An unprecedented event will occur tonight: The Blogarrific Blogstraviganza 2007 (tm). I haven't cleared this name with the others, but I'm sure that they would endorse it.

Tonight, meet your favorite authors (and me)! Drink beer with them! Buy them (me) more beer! How often do these people even leave their computers? Tonight's your night!

Feed the Beast
4300 N. Lincoln Ave.

Celebrity bloggers include:

Johnny Yen!
The Evil Genius!
Grant Miller!

(and me)

Blogarrific Blogstravaganza 2007! Be there, or be...DEAD!


Chris said...

Damn! I'll be in Chicago in two weeks. Keep your eye on Grant. He steals.

Laaw-yuhr said...

If you're not there you'd better be dead, and if you're not dead then you'd better be in jail, and if you're in jail, break out.

Wow. So it's safe to say that if a terrorist attack destroyed Feed the Beast tonight, it would be a devastating blow to the American intelligentsia.

Evil Genius said...

Will Truckasaursu be there too? That will ensure this is the greatest meeting of minds since the signing of the Declaration of Independence...or at least the last big Star Trek convention.

Valerie said...

Chris is right. Grant does steal. At the last Blog "reunion" he went home with bread, butter and silverware from Club Lago.

And if you haven't met him yet, you should know that he prefers to be called, "Grantly."

I'm bummed I won't be able to join you.

Evil Genius said...


I will be expecting you at my next blog event upon my triumphant return to Bethesda.


The Idea Of Progress said...

It'll be like the Monster Squad all over again. Except without the monsters or the heroism.

red said...

I'm sad I can't be there; I've developed quite the little blog-crush on you ;0

The Idea Of Progress said...

Red: Hurray to that! I demand that more people develop blog crushes on me.

McGone said...

I wish I had more of a heads up on this... Wait, was that the plan all along? Announce it the morning of so I couldn't make it? Damn you.

red said...

IoP - don't be demanding like that. Guys who don't know how great they are are that much greater. (Although, admitedly, some do manage to make the arrogant thing work.)

Evil Genius said...

Is that "my" Red? Is she over here too now? Hey, Red! How you doing? Fancy meeting you here!

The Idea Of Progress said...

Shhh! McGone knows now! Damnit! We're going to have to have him killed, now.

(I'm imagining an IHOB sign sticking out of a gravesite)

Red: The Idea of Progress only acts like Fonzie. In reality he's more like Potsie

Evil Genius: Everybody ends up here at some point or another. It's a matter of getting them to leave.

Laaw-yuhr said...

IDOP - All the ladies have a blog crush on you no doubt.

Evil Genius - I look forward to a meeting of the DC/MD/VA brain trust.

Johnny Yen said...

Don't worry about Grant-- Bubs will probably be there. He's a cop.

Yeah, that would be a blow to the blogosphere for sure, if that happened. Where would my mass 75 to 100 regular readers turn to for stories about people getting their eyes put out in fights, funny stories about my son and my own youthful drunken antics?

pistols at dawn said...

I suggest that you all gossip about each other, and then when Evil Genius comes back, he can gossip to us about you, and we can all turn our sites into TMZ for a day.

Have fun, folks - sorry I won't be there. But if there's some dude in the corner drinking heavily, well, it's like I'm there.

Grant Miller said...

I only steal material for my blog.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Man, I loved Monster Squad.

Too bad I didn't check blogs Friday; not that I would've gone. But that I certainly would've thought about it much of the evening, before most likely deciding against it.