04 September 2007

Web Surfin'

You don't need to aimlessly click around the internets looking for something to kill time with. I've done that for you.

-Why would you want to play something as boring as the Sims? If you're malicious enough, you can make their little AI lives miserable.

From Crooks and Liars.

-Belgian courts have finally done something that American courts have been unable to: bring the Church of Scientology up on criminal charges.

From robmonroe.net.

-The scariest thing you'll see all week (unless you watched the Klaus Nomi video)

-Have you ever Googled yourself? Perhaps it's time to learn to Ungoogle yourself. There's a part in this that mentions that prospective employers will probably Google your name. That's true. I know, because it's part of my job (I work at a recruitment firm).


pistols at dawn said...

Finally, a way to cover up all those accusations for murdering hobos.

Winter said...

If you googled me, would you still hire me?

No really I'm looking for a job.