13 September 2007


The Idea of Progress has returned. You may now cease your weeping and tearing of the clothes. Those of you that are attractive unattached women may continue with the clothes tearing.

What have I been up to in these days (literally! days!) of non-writing?

-Saw Wilco in Millenium Park

- Planned out a short film, a documentary, and a feature length comedy, at least one of which will be completed.

-Planned for a sequel to SLC: Vice! (If you haven't seen it, which is slightly possible, here it is)


-Thought about writing new blog posts, but resorted to regurgitating story from the New York Times and posting a funny picture

-Avoided getting a suitable about of sleep


McGone said...

Wilco just gets a mention? How were they?

Valerie said...

That was the first time I saw SLC: Vice. Loved it. That's exactly my type of humor.

katarose said...

you saw wilco????

Justin said...

It's like a mormon version of The Crucible. Except I haven't actually seen all of The Crucible, so maybe it isn't. But it sounded like an intelligent thing to say.

red said...

It's so sweet and ethical that you only want the unattached women to tear off their clothes. As a professional actress with a lovely voice for narration, I'm really sorry I don't live in Chicagoland to take part in one or more of your films.

Chris said...

As a documentary fan, I'm curious to hear more about your plan.

pistols at dawn said...

It's way better than SLC Punk, though that pretty much applies to everything ever.

Laaw-yuhr said...

I *loved* SLC vice and can't wait for more. I too have been on hiatus, so it's good to get caught up.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I don't have any clothes to tear off, but I am unattached. Oh well.
Also, sweet movie.
I wonder how much more hardcore Provo Vice would be.
Gives me the chills just to think about it.
Also also, I went to Millennium park recently, but I didn't run into anyone named Wilco.