19 September 2007

Self Image

Actors I've been told I resemble:

Paul Costanzo (Road Trip, 2006)

Jason Biggs (American Pie, 1999)

Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, 1999)-- Although, if you see him as a kid in Rookie of the Year(1993), that's exactly what I looked like as a kid.

Actors that no one has ever told me I look like:

Cary Grant

George Clooney

Marcello Mastroianni

I'm glad no one has suggested I look like the following:


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Looks like you're in good company, really. And kudos on not resembling Dick... or Ernie, for that matter. Though as far as Sesame Street characters are concerned, you could've done worse.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

How on earth did I screw that up? I meant "Bert," of course.

katrocket said...

You should post a photo of youself so we can see if there's any merit to these claims. I mean, doesn't every guy secretly wish they looked like Jason Biggs?

Laaw-yuhr said...

So you've got a generic, brunette everyman quality to you. Kudos. Just remember The Clooney was nothing until he started getting a bit grey and played a doctor. You might try a similar strategy.

The Idea Of Progress said...

Katrocket: Picture of me is to the right under About Me. I'll let you make the call.

3rd Worst: Yo didn't say anything about Admiral Akbar. Are you trying to tell me something?

Laaw-yuhr: The court made me promise to never impersonate a doctor again.

Chris said...

Don't you think Bert and Admiral Akbar would have interesting looking offspring? Well, maybe not the Admiral himself, but maybe his daughter (if he had one). Although I suspect Bert may be gay, so the whole thing could be moot.


Valerie said...

That calamari/squid guy from Star Wars always kind of grossed me out. I always thought he had a butt on the top of his head.

What about Daniel Day Lewis?

At least all your celebrity look-alikes are cute.

I've written about this too

McGone said...

So basically you look like a guy trying to get laid in a teen sex comedy.

Oh, yeah... you've admitted to as much on my site.

(Valerie did some self-pimping, so shall I.)

katrocket said...

Thanks for changing your photo. The old one made you look like Daniel Radcliff in a Wolverine Hallowe'en costume. So I hope you can understand why I questioned your claims.

But I can see now that you're much better looking that Jason Biggs. Congratulations!

hey, you should check out this site to play with a face recognition program that matches your photo to a celebrity database. It's minutes of fun!

pistols at dawn said...

I think you look more like Nein Numb myself.

The Idea Of Progress said...

Valerie: I kinda do look like him in that picture, but I could never lay claim to that level of cool. Maybe if I grew mutton chops and plucked out an eye I could look like him in Gangs of New York.

Pistols: I almost went with Nein Nunn (I had to google him first to figure out who he was...I always thought of him as Billy Dee Williams co-pilot, who surprisingly isn't Jesus.

Katrocket: That thing never works for me. It seems to think that I don't look like anyone.

Lara said...

you're funny
and i like it!
yes. i'm very bored.
i can't wait to go backpacking, have to meet some people that are actually interested though.
spaniards do know how to live! i

Belinda said...

Hahahahahahaha.........this post is toooo funny :oP

katarose said...

Did you ever watch The Facts of Life? Grow your hair out again and invest in some plaid shirts, maybe people will start saying you look like a young George Clooney. Maybe.

Grant Miller said...

I'm always mistaken for Robert Redford.