19 September 2007

You go, Pope!

Pope Benedict has declined a request from Condie Rice to have a meeting, the BBC reported today. Apparently she wanted to discuss (what else?)Iraq and the Middle East. The Pope's people told her that he never took calls, as he is on vacation in August, and had her speak to his number two guy.

See, when he wanted to talk to the White house about the treatment of civilians in Iraq, he was given a cold shoulder. I'm sure he was happy to return the favor.


McGone said...

Was he wearing that hat when they turned him down? Because that may fill in some of the blanks as to why.

Oddly, Dubya has one just like, with holster and toy guns to match.

katrocket said...

"Take a number, bitch!"

Yeah, that's one sweet chapeau.

Laaw-yuhr said...

Well, for once the Pope and I are in agreement on something.

The Guv'ner said...

I don't know if someone snuck something in my Diet Pepsi or what but "You Go Pope!" just struck my funny bone like a mallet and I may even have farted. Just a tiny one though, nothing horrifying. I am a lady.

pistols at dawn said...

Am I the only one still incensed that the Pope was an f-ing member of the Hitler Youth? Because, to me, there are four rules to be Pope:

1. Be religious as f
2. Don't f boys
3. Don't have ever joined the Hitler Youth
4. Be old as hell and completely out of touch with the real world (usually a corollary of #1)