16 September 2007

Pistols At Dawn is a Rock Star

In addition to apparently being a rock star, Pistols At Dawn has an excellent blog, where he explains the mysteries of the cosmos.

So really, he's just like Stephen Hawking.


pistols at dawn said...

Man, I didn't even know we'd booked that gig. I hope that one lady is waiting outside until we show up.

I also hope that the band stealing my thunder doesn't suck it raw, because I've already got to suffer through the fact that f-ing suckass Fall Out Boy covers the Jawbreaker song I stole my blog title from.


pistols at dawn said...

Also, I'm a lot like Stephen Hawking in that I sit on my ass all day long...only he's got a legitimate excuse for it.

katrocket said...

Other ways that Pistols is like Stephen Hawking:

1) talks like a robot
2) popular with the laaaaadies
3) enjoys "black holes"

Grant Miller said...

It's hot when people use one of those voice boxes.