18 September 2007

We...Are..The Robots

Another great cover for you. First the original: "The Robots," by Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk was arguably the defining electronic act of all time. Sure, the SIlver Apples started it, but Kraftwerk shaped it into what seems more familiar today.

"The Robots," Kraftwerk, mp3

There's a guy named Señor Coconut (actually a German DJ named Uwe Schmidt) who likes to make Latin versions of music that clearly need some salsifying. Here's his version. Listen to the Kraftwerk one first, then the Señor Coconut cover. It's much funnier that way.

"The Robots," Senor Coconut, mp3


The Guv'ner said...

NO! No there NOT a guy calling himself "SENOR COCONUT"!

My he looks suave though.

This I have to hear.

He's a model and he's lookin' good.

katrocket said...

Fantastic! I've been a fan of Senor Coconut for a while now. His music is hilarious AND catchy. I also adore Günther for the same reasons.

pistols at dawn said...

Kraftwerk's "Pocket Calculator" may be the truest song of all time.

"By pressing down the special key, it plays a little melody."

THAT is art.