09 September 2007

How People Find Their Way to the Idea Of Progress

Actual Google search terms that led people here (a nod to Grant Miller Media for the idea):

-people with three nipples

-"if i had seen the world"

-elvis costello asshole

-famous popular musicians

-geico insurance cabbage patch kids commercials

-girls with assault rifles

-put syrup on pacifier


-fuck ron paul


Bert Bananas said...

I'd be interested in a means for searching out the names of all the people who have not read my blog.

McGone said...

As in "Elvis Costello... asshole?" or "Elvis Costello's Asshole?"

pistols at dawn said...

Man, I love me some google searches. It makes you realize what a terrifying, lonely world this is.

Grant Miller said...

Seiously. Fuck Ron Paul. And the Teletubbies.

red said...

Who's got a problem with Elvis? Perhaps that person should ask himself what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?