16 October 2007

Blue Cat Blues

I've had this distant memory of a Tom and Jerry cartoon from my childhood, one where the two of them commit suicide in the end. Every person I've told this to thinks that I'm either lying or that my memory is false.

It is not.

Thanks to the internet, I am vindicated. May I present to you, "Blue Cat Blues."


Leonesse said...

I love these internet tubes. I have been proven correct many times, thanks to their power.

Evil Genius said...

1. Mr. Buth was badass. Tom never had a chance.

2. No chick is worth doing yourself in over.

3. I was always fond of the Peter Lorre fish who quipped "Now I've seen everything" before putting a revolver to his temple.

Bert said...

I won't take a stand on an issue until I know what the internet has to say about it.

It won't be long before there's a Church of Google. But there will be inevitable schisms, like Church of Google, Wifi.

katarose said...

I'm glad you've been thusly affirmed. The cartoon oddly reminds me of Of Human Bondage, which I've almost finished.

Also, Butch's car is extraordinarily phallic. Wow.