10 October 2007

Mayor of Atlantic City disappears, reappears, resigns

The mayor of Atlantic City has resigned. It seems Robert Levy disappeared for two weeks, turned up and resigned either today or yesterday. His staff will only say that he was hospitalized somewhere.

What the hell was he up to?

Edit: It looks like he was in rehab.


pistols at dawn said...

He probably went to Vegas after realizing it's way cooler than AC.

Leonesse said...

But wouldn't it have been better to have at least sent a fax to someone, say... a city clerk or something? I mean, wth? And why wasn't that mentioned on major news for the last 2 weeks? I hear about some foreign 4 year old nearly every day, what about a Mayor of a fairly large city missing for 2 weeks and I hear nothing?

kerrin said...

"What the hell was he up to?"

tapping his foot in a stall.

Johnny Yen said...

Wouldn't you be drinking heavily if you were mayor of Atlantic City?

red said...

*sigh* I keep sticking up for the state of my birth and they _just keep making it harder_!