23 October 2007

Pepsi vs. Coke (Looks like Pepsi wins)

A fistfight broke out at a Walmart in White, Indiana last Monday between delivery drivers for Coke and Pepsi. The Pepsi driver broke the Coke driver's nose and gave him a black eye.

There was no word on the cause of the fight. I'd like to think it was about the merits of Crystal Pepsi vs. New Coke.


Josh said...

hahahaha I love this kind of commercials.. Have you guys seen the truck deliverers one?
The truck deliverers of Coke and Pepsi in a moment of peace and friendship to the sound of The Youngbloods' "Let's get together," until they taste one another's soda.
It's hilarious LOL
here is the link: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/20091/coke_vs_pepsi_the_deliverers_battle

pistols at dawn said...

RC Cola reps sat nearby, wishing they could afford a driver.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

My dad retired from Coke after 35 years and confirms that these types of confrontations are not uncommon. He claims it's because Pepsi drivers are triflin' losers trying to hog up all the shelf space in the store.

Leonesse said...

I had an interesting encounter with two beer deliverymen that had blocked me in. No fistfight, though.

Maybe it was due to the close proximity to Walm@rt? I hear that is where they hold Jerry Springer tryouts.

Anonymous said...

I swear they put Didi Seven in regular Pepsi to make it Crystal Pepsi.